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Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself & Get to Work

For as long as I can remember, my life has been a ball of constant stress. Work my ass off. Catch up on overdue bills. Repeat.

Who knew life was all about working yourself to death just to pay bills and die? Hell, I’m so poor I can’t even afford to die. Funerals are expensive, by the way.

“Take a vacation,” they said. “You deserve a day off,” they said. I literally haven’t had a vacation since 2016 and there’s no plans to take off in the near future. Not that I don’t yearn to relax but I can’t afford to take a break.

There’s no time to feel sorry for myself.

All the time spent moping could be used towards putting in more hours of work to change my financial situation, designing premade covers for authors to buy, researching ways to obtain more passive income, uplifting myself, testing Facebook ads or even squealing to all the new episodes on Scandal.

Don’t give yourself time to focus on negative energy. Crying won’t change a thing. Although I do believe we all need to shed a few tears every once in a while, but after you’re done sobbing, make sure you get back to work.

It’s okay to be upset at yourself because your life isn’t what you imagined.

It’s okay to stuff your face with ice cream and cupcakes while you binge watch your favorite shows and forget about your responsibilities.

It’s okay to drink one, two or three glasses of wine and become a happy drunk mess.

It’s okay to take a mental health day, a menstrual cramp day or a “I just need a gotdamn break,” day.

No one is perfect and don’t let anyone convince you that they are because it’s a lie.

We all are facing some type of challenge in life. For some it may be family issues, financial downfalls, addictions, school, losing a loved one, trying to master being a single parent, relationship issues. Something is going on in everyone’s world. Now whether they choose to share it with you or keep it private is a different story.

Whatever you’re suffering from is valid. Even if your best friend says your issues aren’t a big deal. To you they are. Give yourself permission to hate yourself for being broke, for being a fool by running back to rescue your ex, for being too hard on yourself, for being ungrateful, for being too nice.

Will you continue suffering outloud?

Will you continue suffering in silence?

Or will you do whatever it takes to relieve the pain?

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What If You Remain Mediocre Forever?

If you never make it big, will you be able to cope and still live your best life? Click To Tweet

If your business never grows to collect multi-millions every year, will you still be able to wake up and make sure your customers and clients are taken care of every day?

If your boss never offers you that promotion you’ve been waiting on, will you retire from the company?

Everyone will not hit the lottery. Everyone will not earn a six-figure salary. Every will not be able to buy their dream car. Everyone will not get married and have children.

And if these things never come true for you, are you going to be okay?

Everything doesn’t always go as planned but you are the designer, so design a life worth living.

Let’s face the facts.

There are only 76.2 million homeowners in the United States. Yet there are 327.2 million folks in this country. If the bank never gives you that loan, you still have other options.

You see all your other friends “winning” and here you are living a basic life that no one understands. They’ve all started businesses while you’re still punching the clock. Will you congratulate them and continue to feel sorry for yourself?

There are over thirty million small businesses in the US. Start one. No matter your age, it’s never too late. We can’t guarantee the success you’ll see but if you yearn to write your own checks, do so.

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But life is what you make it. If you want to travel the world, get in your car and do it. No one says you have to post pictures of being on a first class flight. No one says you have to have a million bucks to go from one side of the country to the other. I’ve traveled thirty hours by car with less than $100 in my pocket. (Thank God I didn’t catch a flat but hey, I still made it to my destination.)

Focus on letting go.

Let go of all the worries.

Let go of all the pressure from your peers, your family, from society and start living.

I spent years trying to impress everyone around me. Now I’m responsible for impressing Carrie.

And if you never make it big, who gives a damn? You made yourself happy and that’s all that truly matters.