Living Deposit to Deposit

I haven’t worked for someone in over three years. Here recently I applied to a job that offered $13 per hour, however, once I realized I’d be stuck at an office for forty hours per week, I told myself I’d just continue delivering for UberEats instead.

But even when I was an employee, I still lived paycheck to paycheck. When I owned my own business, I lived client to client. And now that I deliver for Uber, I live deposit to deposit. Click To Tweet

When does the repeated cycle of struggling end? Or does it?

Living in poverty sucks. Especially when every bill is overdue, you have to rob Peter to pay Paul, you work your ass off seven days a week and you’re still barely getting by.

Some people don’t know how good they have it being able to pay their bills all at once. If this is you, be grateful.

When my money isn’t right, I can’t even focus. I’m all off balance. Worried, stressed and thinking of how I can make it out of this hell hole.

It’s an overwhelming feeling.

A lot of folks say, “You need to stop spending money. You need to learn how to save. You need to lower your bills. You need to go back to school.” Yet, it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

I’m not the type who goes on luxury vacations, who buys $600 handbags to impress the crowd, who buys flashy jewelry, etc. So what am I spending my money on?

Yes, I do like to eat out but why is it not okay to eat what you have a taste for?

Going back to school isn’t ideal because I’ve already racked up $50,000 of school loan debt. So, you want me to rack up $100,000 worth of debt just to say I have a degree? Please.

Lower my bills? What a complete joke. What I have is what I need. I’m not giving up the roof over my head, I’m not sitting in the dark, I’m not giving up my car because I need reliable transportation. I already live without cable and internet. What more does society want from me?

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

If you’re in the same situation, I’m going to sprinkle some positivity on your life.

All I can say is, INCREASE YOUR INCOME. Yep, that’s your best bet. Create multiple streams and sources so you can receive checks from every direction. Maybe then you’ll be able to save, once you have enough to do so.


Stop Overthinking and Just Get Started

We all overthink too much and for way too long.


If you wait for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by. Click To Tweet

Stop overthinking and just get started.

You can’t move cross country because it’s not the right time. You can’t launch that course because you don’t have enough followers. You can’t start your new blog because no one will read it. You can’t open that new business because no one will buy from you.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain

Don’t worry about what will fail. Because guess what? No one gets it right the first time, the second time or the third.

Don’t worry about it not being up to par because you can always perfect it along the way.

Stop overthinking and just get started.

I held off on publishing a book because I didn’t have enough money to hire a professional editor. I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in reading my work. I wasn’t sure if the book would get the results I desired.

The unknown put me at a complete halt.

But when I stopped overthinking, I was able to focus on the end goal which was actually writing the book and publishing it.

No, that book didn’t earn a million-dollar in sales. No, that book didn’t make it into the bookstores. No, that book didn’t reach The New York Times Best Sellers list next to Marie Forleo.

But, the readers did read it. Half of them enjoyed it. I got twenty-one sales on release day. I made Amazon’s bestsellers list which was totally unexpected.

If I continue to write and publish more books, I’ll only get better with time.

So, let’s stop forcing our minds to think too much.

Whatever you want to do, get started.

Time waits for no man.